Low Shadows Exhibit

Low Shadows Exhibit



Shadow Casting Table: Guests can experiment with different angles of the sun and see the shadows that it casts. Place objects in front and see the effect. Arrange two objects at different distances in front of the two lights to see surprising shadow shapes that are produced. There is a setting for low, medium, and high shadows. $1,800

Lighted Drawing Table: Use it for drawing in a dark atmosphere, we used ours for a team Lab Sketch Town exhibit. These tables include a built in light and bins for materials. They have a unique rounded edge design with black laminate. $2,100 each, two available.

Measurements:  Shadow Casting Table: Exhibit includes a 1’6″ x 1’6″ storage bin. Both pieces are on locking casters.

Lighted Drawing Table: 8’x3’2″x2’4″ tall

Weight:   Lighted Drawing Table: ~175 lbs each (cannot be disassembled)

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