CultureNut Xchange is a global agora, 

a marketplace where cultural institutions can buy, sell and exchange idle assets.

Let's get to it


how & what

Utilizing a global distribution platform, CultureNut provides the cultural community a means to sell excess & idle inventory (exhibitions, exhibits, furniture, cases, hardware, media, computers, components, crates, frames & more.



Let’s get rid of that junk in your trunk. There is an institution who can put that idle asset of yours to good use. Your CFO will appreciate making your institution a little GREEN while proving your institution’s commitment to sustainability initiatives.


when & who

We sell to the cultural community including museums, science centers, history centers, zoos & aquariums, cultural centers, historic homes, university and college art museums and galleries, etc.  

art ~ science ~ history ~ popular culture

what we need from you


step 1

What are you selling?  

Is it sold "individually" or as a "lot"?


step 2

Share up to 10 high resolution images of the products being sold.  

If you have a complex sale, see us for more details.


step 3

What do you hope to net for the sale?

Will you accept best offers (BO)?



About CultureNut Xchange

CultureNut is a division of Exhibits Development Group LLC, the global leader in traveling exhibitions.

To schedule an appointment:

+1 651 222 1121 (8am - 5pm CT)