Lincoln Electric Welding Simulator

Lincoln Electric Welding Simulator 360 Full Case

$12,500 obo

Description: Lincoln Electric Welding Simulator VRTEX 360Full Case is a fully functional welding simulator designed to train real welders on their task.

It features a Virtual Heads-Up Display inside a welding mask to allow the welder to train in a simulated environment. This simulator also grades and supplies information to the trainee on their weld passes as well as their technique. This Unit features three different welding types with two different torches and five different welding plates.

Current Functionality

Computer is fully functional.

Software is fully functional.

All Welding Rig mounted hardware is fully functional (Potentiometers and Key are disconnected but functional)

One Welding Torch Non-Functional.

One Welding Torch Unknown but likely Functional.

Stand Fully Functional.

Headset Fully Functional.

Mounted Screen Fully Functional.

Condition: The Welding Simulator is in moderate to good condition. There are minor signs of wear on some of the stickers and other minor appearance defects. It would only take the repair of one welding torch to bring it back to full functionality.

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