Hanging Tension Fabric Structures (sold)

Fabric Tension for sale
  • Hanging Tension Fabric

Hanging Tension Fabric Structures (sold)

$ 7,500 obo

Description:  9 fabric tension shapes 

2 x Diamond FireFly, Fabric 9’h x 25’w x 25’d
Plum fabric with Silver binding
3 x Twisting Ray, Fabric 15’h x 35’w x 5’d
Royal Blue with Silver binding
2 x Sentry Ray, Fabric 14’h x 24’w 5’d
Aquamarine with Silver binding
2 x Sentry FireFly, Fabric 7’h x 20’6w x 22’d

Condition:  Used about 1 year. very good condition. 

see original manufacturer for more info: https://www.transformit.com/catalog/ready-made-collections

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