Exhibit - Vanishing Cowboys

About the exhibit

 Exploration Place created a popular Americana traveling exhibition, The Vanishing Cowboy, that has both historical and universal appeal.       

Photographed by the father and son team of Jim and Chris Bertoglio, the native Kansans captured the iconic symbol of the American West – the cowboy. Their stunning photographs reveal the daily lives of the remaining ranchers on the Great Plains. The exhibition celebrates the fading, but enduring, image of the cowboy that has been overshadowed by industrialization and urbanization. The Bertoglios photograph both personal moments and expansive landscapes of working cowboys, their horses, and cattle. The collection of photographs enhances our understanding of ranching culture and encourages viewers to appreciate this vanishing way of life.      

The packet includes the following: 

1.Exhibit Overview  

2.Exhibition Contains 3.50 framed 20” x 24” photographs with captions  4.3- 20” x 24” interpretive panels 

3.Docent Questions – questions they can ask their visitors 

4.Scavenger Hunt questions and answers – educational materials 

5.Sample Press Release  

6.Customizable Rack cards  

7.Installation / De-installation instructions 

8.Custom designed shipping crates (4) 11.135 running feet     

The cost of the project, not including shipping-logistics, is $4,000 or best offer.     

Please contact:   Lynn Corona, Director of Exhibits & Facilities | Exploration Place  Lynn.corona@exploration.org | Direct: 316.660.0655