World of Giant Insects

World of Giant Insects

$253,150 now $150,000 OBO

The lives of insects, as well as our own, are given a new perspective when your guests explore these amazing creatures, displayed at 40 to 120 times life size.  Details that were previously indiscernible are now magnified and explored, like the complexity of insect eyes, mouths and sensory organs.

“Even in down economic cycles, the benefit to the science center has been positive.”

– SEE Science Center, Manchester, NH

“The quality and scale of the bugs provided a great impression on our fairgoers. We were especially pleased with the exhibit and felt that we had invested wisely.”  

– California Exposition & State Fair, Sacramento, CA

We have presented Kokoro’s dinosaurs several times in past successful exhibitions, and the giant insects were just as excitingand attractive…the Museum’s attendance more than doubled from the same period the previous year.” 

– The Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon, GA

*Please refer to the components list for what is included in the sale of this exhibition.



Exhibit set up manual,
Truck load and unload Manual
Repair Manuals
Component Manuals
Electronic component manual
Engineering handbook

The exhibition is sold as is. However, company will assist in the initial exhibit set up and make sure that everything is in working order at that time.

Technical: This is listed at the bottom of each PDF promotional spread which can be downloaded above.

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