World of Giant Insects 2

World of Giant Insects 2

$331,250 now $190,000 OBO

Experience the World of Giant Insects (2), an adventure with additional displays. These carnivores and herbivores crawl, fly, camouflage, and metamorphose.

Watch two 11 ft. male Atlas beetles (Chalcosoma atlas) lock horns in a battle over mates in Asia. Hear the loud hissing sound of a 22 ft. jungle nymph stick insect (Heteropteryx dilatata) rubbing its wings together in self-defense. Forage for plants with a 15 ft. caterpillar (Papilio xuthus) in Asia before it morphs into a swallowtail butterfly. Travel with a 12 ft. desert locust (Shistocerca gregaria) as it consumes vegetation across dry regions. Stand in front of a 19 ft. praying mantis (Tenodera aridifolia) while it prepares to lunge at prey with its forelegs.

Operate animatronic dragonfly, honey bee, and mosquito heads while gazing through massive magnifying glasses. Observe live insects in terrariums, and peruse portraits of insects in the gallery. Match camouflaging insects with their environments. Attach a head, wings, and legs to a thorax to build an insect. Listen to different insect sounds. Analyze complete and incomplete metamorphosis, and interact with insects alive in an iPad. Take a photograph beside a ladybug, or beneath a venomous black widow spider dangling from the ceiling. Embark on a journey that is out of this world!

*Please refer to the components list for what is included in the sale of this exhibition.



Exhibit set up manual,
Truck load and unload Manual
Repair Manuals
Component Manuals
Electronic component manual
Engineering handbook

The exhibition is sold as is. However, company will assist in the initial exhibit set up and make sure that everything is in working order at that time.

Technical: This is listed at the bottom of each PDF promotional spread which can be downloaded above.

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