Dinosaur Discovery (SOLD)

Dinosaur Discovery (SOLD)


Dinosaur Discovery is a smaller version of Kokoro’s most popular exhibit: Jurassic Journeys on Land, Sea, and Air. Come face to face with carnivores in every environment, and travel across terrain with gregarious herbivores.

Stand beneath a ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex as it lowers its head to attack. Witness a pack of Deinonychus feasting on a Tenontosaurus carcass marred by lacerations. Catch a glimpse of the long-necked Elasmosaurus swimming in the open ocean. Watch a Pteranodon soaring over the coast, while a Mosasaurus lurks in the shadows of the sea.

Then enter the land of herbivores. Search for plants to eat with the low-browsing Stegosaurus. Walk with a Triceratops and its young as they graze on North American vegetation. Hear a Maiasaura roar in joy as it and its three juveniles watch eggs hatch, then listen to the deep, raspy vocal calls of a Pachycephalosaurs preparing for battle.

Operate an animatronic hadrosaur using a remote control. Discover fossils while digging through the sand and uncover fossils by rubbing crayons on paper-covered templates. Take a photograph riding a Triceratops or inside the deadly jaws of a T. rex. This journey transcends all boundaries – land, sea, and air!

*Please refer to the components list for what is included in the sale of this exhibition.


Exhibit set up manual,
Truck load and unload Manual
Repair Manuals
Component Manuals
Electronic component manual
Engineering handbook

The exhibition is sold as is. However, company will assist in the initial exhibit set up and make sure that everything is in working order at that time.

Technical: This is listed at the bottom of each PDF promotional spread which can be downloaded above.

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