Dino World Exhibition

Dino World exhibition

Dino World Exhibition


Description:  Dino World is one of the largest exhibitions in dinosaurs of Europe. With 2000 square meters of surface, it has more than 50 replicas of animals and fossils, some of them up to 10 meters high and up to 20 meters long, the equivalent to a 6-story building. Its animatronic technology offers great realism added with sound and movements. Visitors review evolution from the Triassic to the Jurassic and Cretaceous. They will learn about famous dinosaurs such as the Ticeraptos, the Velociraptor the feared Tyrannosaurus Rex, and discover others just as exciting. 

DinoWorld is not just another dinosaur exhibition. We recreate its surroundings of forests, jungles, and deserts so that the experience is an authentic trip to the Mesozoic period in which the land was dominated by these fascinating creatures.

The purchase of the exhibitions comes with ALL animatronic dinosaurs, text panels, vitrines, backdrops, environmental props, fossil replicas, interactive stations, photo ops… EVERYTHING! Also included is a projection room with a capacity for 80 people, where visitors watch a documentary about the phenomenon that caused the extinction of dinosaurs.

Animatronic Dinosaurs: 20
Stationary Dinosaurs: 2
Fossils (replicas): 12
Dinosaur Skeletons: 3

Condition: In excellent condition. Was fabricated in 2020. The Exhibition was on view three times during a two year period. Only handled by exhibition owners and taken very well cared for.

Additional Information: Download the exhibition component list here.

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