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Exhibition - Pirates of Colonial America


This 2,500 sq ft turnkey exhibition was created for the beautiful Door County Maritime Museum of Sturgeon Bay, WI. After closing at the DCMM it gained new life as a traveling exhibition, Pirates of Colonial America, for the National Marine Manufacturers Association. 

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Exhibit - Vanishing Cowboys


Exploration Place created a popular Americana traveling exhibition, The Vanishing Cowboy, that has both historical and universal appeal. Photographed by the father and son team of Jim and Chris Bertoglio, the native Kansans captured the iconic symbol of the American West – the cowboy. 

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Set of Builders


  • One of a kind custom made set of builders made by Madison Children's Museum. 

  • Acrylic rods and 12-sided blocks to build structures with.

Bubble Tables


  • Lights work, bubble hoses require a motor to work (not included). Some refurbishment necessary. 

Wind Garden


  • The hoses blow air. We used it to blow scarves and pinwheels - it was for young children to experience air.

Bernouli Tables


Pipe building stations to channel air and experiment with balls and scarves. 

Puzzle Cube (Soma Cube)


  • Purchased from Safe Space Concepts and used for one year. It makes a cube approximately 30"  The "Puzzle Cube" is based on the  1933 Soma Cube. They have taken it to a size and construction that works well in  a commercial play environment: large and durable, yet easy to pick up and put  together. The cube forms are each 8" x 8" x 8" in various  combinations to form seven (7) different pieces that assemble to form a 2' x 2'  x 2' Cube. There are many ways to solve the puzzle, but it takes time and  patience to figure it out.

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  • A scale to weigh bean bags or other objects to determine which is heavier

Follow the Leader


Based on the game "Simon"

E-Vision Laser 8500 Digital Projector

E-Vision Laser 8500 DLP Projector Digital Projection EMEA

  • Purchased in 2018 for a project, but was never used.  This black projector was modified for this project and was wrapped in white vinyl, which can be removed.  The projector is new, but is too late to be returned.  MSRP is $17,995.

  • $15,000 or BO

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1800's Wagon

1800's Wagon

  • Once displayed in the Public Landing exhibit, depicting the 1850s Cincinnati riverfront.

  • Dimensions:  Overall: 72” H x 11’4” L x 74” W – the yolk adds another 11’ if assembled

  • Wheels are 40” in diameter

  • Ships on 1 standard and 2 oversized pallets

  • Net price:  $1,200 or BO



Fiberglass Allosaurus - A hollow, fiberglass allosaurus with a commanding presence. The dinosaur is mounted to a steel base with heavy-duty casters at each corner.



 While the prop is large, it is very lightweight and is easily and safely moved by just a few people. To navigate standard double-door frames, the dinosaur can be tipped with its head point down and then pushed through the door and stood up again.  



 Dimensions: Steel Base: 55” W x 72” L Overall: 9’ H x 20’ L – the width of the dinosaur is within the width of the base (55”)   

Price:  $6,000 or BO




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